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Tue 2nd Feb
4 years ago


Wed 10th Feb
4 years ago

90 days.

12 candidates.

1 nation.

1 mission.

1 chance for CHANGE.

LP: On the road to change!

On the road to change, there’s bound to a lot of interesting stories, a lot of happy adventures and crazy misadventures, a lot of mishaps and moments worth documenting, a lot of juicy tidbits and trivia that are worth sharing.

In light of that, we offer you, the Filipino voter, this blog on the LP Senate campaign trail because we believe that you deserve to know more about your candidates than what average 30- (or 60-)second commercial can share. Here, you will see the campaign as it unfolds, and you will get to know the different men and women who are working day in and day out to bring you the BEST POSSIBLE OPTIONS FOR GOVERNANCE.

Change doesn’t happen in a vaccum; change doesn’t happen overnight. Change happens over a consistent and sustained effort, and it happens with the help of a community. Get to know OUR—YOUR—community and see why the LP will be worth your vote in May. =>


~ Niña Terol-Zialcita
New Media Bureau Head
LP Senatorial Campaign
Visit www.lpforchange.com

Ralph RECTO (LP)

Ralph RECTO (LP)


Thu 11th Feb
4 years ago

“If you make the wrong decision in 2010, it will affect 60% of the second decade of the 21st century.”

Sun 14th Feb
4 years ago

FEBRUARY 13, 2010

Days fleetingly pass by. It’s already the 5th day of the national campaign and few more days left before the 2010 May election, which happens to be my first time to vote as well. Yes! I’m a FIRST TIME VOTER so this 2010 election is really going to be extra special and memorable for me. ^_^

Anyway, I wasn’t able to join my other teammates in Plaza Moriones, Tondo today but I am still very much involved with the said sortie as I’m the one who updates the netizens of the up-to-the-minute happenings at Tondo through LP for Change or SLAMAT LORRRD’s  Facebook, Twitter and Plurk accounts. Nines sends me soundbites and photos from the sortie and then I update all our SNS. Kinda’ pressuring considering that we need to quickly transcribe soundbites from all the speakers and then fastly update our SNS. Present during the sortie were all the Senatoriables (except for TG Guingona III and Serge Osmena), LP Campaign Manager Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, LP standard bearer Sen. Noynoy Aquino and Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos (Yes, Ate Vi was there. ^_^)

As this blog entry’s title suggest, day 5 brings in a new cycle. A new cycle, I believe for LP, because they held their sortie in an area that is believed to be the bulwark of Sen. Noy’s closest rival. Some of the tarps and posters of the senatoriables were even hung at the former house of Sen. Villar. Hmmmm….now that’s really something new. 0_o

Next week, for sure, is going to be another hectic week for SLAMAT LORRRD and the whole LP campaign team. The 10th of May is getting near and the real battle has just begun.This is not going to be an easy fight but we’re all up for it. The road to real change has lots of bumps and detours but I know that the journey is definitely worth all the hassles, tiring sorties and heartaches when we reach the end. So I just have three words to say…BRING IT ON!

***Oh, this is my first entry…so, WELCOME to me!!!  And please do visit SLAMAT LORRRD’s official website at www.lpforchange.com. Thanks! ^_^ ***

Toni Alvarez
New Media Officer
LP Senatorial Campaign

By: Toni Alvarez

Day 11:

The LP Bus was finally unveiled before the Yellow Army at Balay People Power Volunteer Center in Cubao for the very first time. Actually, the LP Bus was the RV Bus before. Awww…I’m starting to miss RV (that’s the nickname of the Register and Vote Bus) now, =/ but of course I’m super happy to see LP Bus as well.

Anyway, if you want to see the making of LP the bus, you may watch the video below and see how they unskin RV to become LP. ^_^

On the morning of February 18, which also marked the 11th day of the campaign period, LP Senatoriables with media men, and of course, us, flocked at Parc House (Aquino HQ) to wait for the LP Bus that will transport us to Balay, Cubao for the blessing. I was so excited to see LP though I have already seen it the day before. But what the heck, the thought of seeing the yellow Landas ng Pagbabago bus traversing along EDSA thrills me a lot.

Upon LP Bus’ arrival, all the senatoriables went to the bus for a photo op and then queue to enter the bus where Juana Change acted as the conductor. Before allowing to enter the LP Bus, Juana Change asked first each senatoriable the question "Sasama ka ba sa Landas ng Pagbabago?" to which all the senatoriables answered a BIG, HEARTY, YESSS!!!

On our way to Balay, it’s very funny how the LP Senatoriables look like students on a field trip with Juana Change as their teacher.  I must admit that it was a nice and refreshing feel. Seeing them as a team, like ordinary people who aren’t running for a national position, is really something NEW. They even composed a song on the spot to the tune of “Tayo na sa Antipolo.” Please see video below to see how cool and youthful our LP Senatoriables are. ^_^

Wed 24th Feb
4 years ago

By Denise Pena

Working in New Media for Atty. Alex Lacson’s campaign, I usually work behind the scenes, in front of a computer. So when Atty. Pia Lacson, Alex Lacson’s wife, asked me to come along to the SLAMAT LORRRD sorties in Bulacan last Monday, I jumped at the chance to join.

There were two sorties in Bulacan that day, one in Marilao, and the other in San Jose del Monte. Because the senatorial candidates were running a bit late, coming from a meeting with the Philippine Star editors in Manila, Pia and I were one of the first to arrive in Marilao, and later on in San Jose, together with Bobbit Roco, Sonia Roco’s son, and Cesar Drilon, Frank Drilon’s brother. Later on, we were joined by Aloy Lim, General Lim’s wife. Eventually, the other senatoriables arrived one by one to complete the SLAMAT LORRRD slate.

How to describe the never-ending buzz of energy, the constant thrum of anticipation that is a campaign sortie? Imagine, the crowd had been there since 2pm to listen to the local candidates. The senatoriables arrived at almost 5pm, and as each senatoriable arrived, the excitement only ever increased. They were cheered as they were introduced and after they spoke, but the stars of the show were Senators Noynoy and Mar, whose arrivals were so eagerly anticipated that whenever there was a rumor that they were arriving, swells of people would suddenly gather like magic at the entrances, hoping to catch a glimpse or get a picture of the two. Four such false alarms came and went before Noynoy and Mar finally arrived. Of course, I was one of those who were jostling for the best view!

Dennis Padilla entertained us with some songs, Leo Martinez cracked us up with jokes, and when Dingdong Dantes appeared, the shrieks were deafening! It’s hard not to get caught up in the energy of the crowd.

As Pia said, you can’t really say that you’ve been involved in a campaign until you’ve participated in a campaign rally. I have to agree, and hope to see many of you in SLAMAT LORRRD sorties in the future!

P.S. Let’s Paint Araneta Yellow tomorrow, Feb. 25. See you there!

Mon 1st Mar
4 years ago

FEBRUARY 25, 2010: This was taken right after the Paint Araneta Yellow event. Still upbeat despite dehydration and hunger, SLAMAT LORRRD Team still managed to choreograph (at least) a dance step for the SLAMAT LORRRD jingle. ^_^ The jingle was being played in the LP bus that’s parked beside Araneta Coliseum.

Wed 10th Mar
4 years ago

While in queue to enter Araneta Coliseum for the “Paint Araneta Yellow” event, the SLAMAT LORRRD team made some ambush interviews with the Yellow Armies if what’s the real meaning of People Power for them. Listen to what these people have to say…

Wed 31st Mar
4 years ago

By: Toni Alvarez ^_^

Well, been so busy lately with all the campaign sorties in various provinces so had no time to give you guys some sneak peek on what’s happening in the campaign lately. So sorry for that. =( Well, as we all know, there are less than 2 months left before the 2010 May Elections and 10 more days to go and we’re already off to, as what they call it, the "Campaign Home Run". The journey has been exhilarating, tiring but fun.

Being with the SLAMAT LORRRD has been very inspiring, especially when you guys hear them talk with passion and sincerity. You know they are not really “trapos” like the same ‘ol politicians out there.

Anyway, it’s been quite a ride, few more weeks to go and all of us will be judged. The Presidential and Vice Presidential hopefuls, the Senatoriables and local officials, and of course, us Filipinos, if we really did learn our lessons well. We must all choose wisely. We said we are hungry for change, for new faces to replace the old, but it does not reflect on the surveys, especially on the Senatorial surveys, =( It’s really quite alarming but I still do believe in miracles.

This Holy Week, may we all repent and reflect and think very hard…and to borrow LP Senatoriable Dr. Martin Bautista's statement,This is not a campaign, this is a mission to save a nation.”

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