On the LP campaign trail

Wed 31st Mar
4 years ago

By: Toni Alvarez ^_^

Well, been so busy lately with all the campaign sorties in various provinces so had no time to give you guys some sneak peek on what’s happening in the campaign lately. So sorry for that. =( Well, as we all know, there are less than 2 months left before the 2010 May Elections and 10 more days to go and we’re already off to, as what they call it, the "Campaign Home Run". The journey has been exhilarating, tiring but fun.

Being with the SLAMAT LORRRD has been very inspiring, especially when you guys hear them talk with passion and sincerity. You know they are not really “trapos” like the same ‘ol politicians out there.

Anyway, it’s been quite a ride, few more weeks to go and all of us will be judged. The Presidential and Vice Presidential hopefuls, the Senatoriables and local officials, and of course, us Filipinos, if we really did learn our lessons well. We must all choose wisely. We said we are hungry for change, for new faces to replace the old, but it does not reflect on the surveys, especially on the Senatorial surveys, =( It’s really quite alarming but I still do believe in miracles.

This Holy Week, may we all repent and reflect and think very hard…and to borrow LP Senatoriable Dr. Martin Bautista's statement,This is not a campaign, this is a mission to save a nation.”

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